About Our Cakes & Desserts

About Our Cakes & Desserts

Our cakes are made from scratch with a home made appeal. We put quality ingredients together in a way that creates delightfully delicious desserts. You will be hard-pressed to find desserts of this quality at our prices.

Our cakes are healthier for you than cakes made by most manufacturing companies including the boxed cake mixes because we do not add any preservatives in our products.

We bake with passion and love. We have a high level of respect for food. We know what great tasting food does for the soul, along with having the knowledge of being mindful of producing a quality product in a safe environment.


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New desserts are being created all the time! Order dinner desserts, birthday cakes, or other special ocassions.

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    The Perfect Dessert

    Our desserts go great with your favorite beverage, cold or hot.

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    Endless Creations

    Sample our strawberry, pineapple or blueberry short-cakes, peach cobbler, pies and other endless creations.

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    Catering Available

    Let us cater your special events, parties and gatherings, meetings and more. Call for details.

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In our shop we use only the best ingredients and processes. We want the dessert you order to always be fresh and enjoyable no matter what the ocassion.

  • 10:00am - 6:00pm (Mon - Sat)
  • 1019 Misty Glen, Dallas TX
  • 214-546-4745 (Click to call)
  • orders@delightful-desserts.com