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Sweet Potato Pie

Made with Fresh Sweet Potatoes, and a mix of other ingredients, then baked till all of the ingredients come together to make a pie that is Good at any time of the day, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Late Night. Be careful though, once you eat a slice, chances are you will be going back for another. This pie is made with nutmeg, no cinnamon, in a 9” Flaky Pie Crust. If you would like cinnamon added, just let us know.

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Pecan Pie

If you like Pecan Pie, this is a Must Try Pie! Made with a Generous amount of Pecans, along with what we think are the right amounts of other ingredients that make a Pecan Pie to Remember and Crave! Baked in a 9″ Flaky Pie Crust. Have it Cold, Room Temperature or Hot! It’s good either way!

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