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Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake: A.K.A  ” Luscious Lemon”

Moist Cake Loaded with Lemon Flavor! Topped with a Vanilla Frosting that is Luscious & Lovable. If you like Lemon, this is the cake for you.

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Chocolate on Chocolate Cake

Chocolate on Chocolate A.K.A “Chocolate Bliss”

Chocolate Cake Chocolate Frosting: a superbly moist Chocolate Cake, covered with a Chocolate Frosting. All made from scratch. It can be eaten alone or makes a Delicious Combination.

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German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate Cake A.K.A. “Nutty Buddy”

Made with Real German Chocolate, covered with a Pecan, Coconut, Caramel Frosting. Together creating a cake you will be proud to serve to your Family & Friends.

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Rum Cake

You can get this cake with Rum Flavoring or with Bacardi Rum, Gold Label Liqueur. Either way you will taste Rum. Like our other cakes, this one will be moist as well, then covered with a Rum Butter Cream Frosting. Rum on the outside, Rum on the inside. Rum Rum Baby!

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Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Tender moist cake, with Banana’s, Vanilla, and other ingredients, that come together to make a cake that you will remember. Topped with a Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting that is made from Scratch! If you like Banana’s and if you like cake. Get your fork ready, and let us bake. 🙂

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Strawberry Tres Leches Cake

Our Strawberry Tres Leches is one that we are very proud of. Its made similar to our Tres Leches Cake, but loaded with Strawberry Flavor in the cake and in the Scratch Made Whipped Cream. So if you like Tres Leches and Strawberries. This is a must try cake for you!

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Tres Leches Cake

Our Tres Leches Cake is made the way most people who live in Mexico would make it / expect it to be. A Sweet Vanilla Sponge Cake, full of a 3 milk mixture, topped with Scratch made Whipped Cream , then we add Maraschino Cherries on top of that to give it that extra touch for the eye and taste buds.

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Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake A.K.A. “Caribbean Baby”

We like to think of this cake as being a close cousin our Carrot Cake, at lest in texture. The cake bakes up tender, filled with Cinnamon, Banana’s, Pineapples and Pecans. Finished with a Butter Cream Frosting.

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Peanut Butter Cake

Peanut Butter Cake A.K.A. “A Spoon Full!”

We think George Washington Carver would be very proud of the way we took his invention and use it in this cake. The cake is moist, with a medium peanut butter flavor, not too bold or too light. The frosting is a Peanut Butter Cream Frosting that complements the cake nicely.

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Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake A.K.A. “Vanilla Viva”

Our Vanilla Viva cake, is definitely a Diva in the Cake World! What makes this cake is the Perfect Mix of Good Basic Quality Ingredients, Baked till Golden Brown on the outside and tender on the inside, then topped with a Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting.

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