Commercial Business

Commercial Business

Partnering With Delightful Desserts

We are accepting partnerships with Restaurant Chains and Catering companies.  Chains must have a minimum of 8 stores and willing to sign a minimum 2 year contract.

We supply fresh desserts at wholesale prices.

If you like what you have seen, read or what you have heard about our desserts and would like to try some samples, please download our Commercial Business Packet.

When requesting samples, let us know what items you would like to try. (Limit of 4 flavors of the same dessert type per meeting.)

We will contact you to see what day and time we can agree on meeting.

Submit inquiries to joe (@)

Thanks for considering Delightful Desserts for your dessert needs. It is Appreciated!

We will need the following information:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Company Name:
  3. Address of your Company:
  4. Your position with this company:
  5. Best Phone Number to reach you:
  6. Best Email Address to reach you:
  7. Number of locations or stores you have:
  8. Number of years you have been in business:
  9. Your Business Website Address:



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    The Perfect Dessert

    Our desserts go great with your favorite beverage, cold or hot.

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    Sample our strawberry, pineapple or blueberry short-cakes, peach cobbler, pies and other endless creations.

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    Catering Available

    Let us cater your special events, parties and gatherings, meetings and more. Call for details.

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In our shop we use only the best ingredients and processes. We want the dessert you order to always be fresh and enjoyable no matter what the ocassion.

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